A Homeowner’s Guide to Emergency Roof Repairs


Roofs are typically designed to last anywhere from 25-50 years, which is why most homeowners are surprised when a roof emergency occurs. When winds are high shingles may blow away, which increases the likelihood of a leak developing. Heavy rain could also do substantial damage to your roof. While some roof issues don’t require emergency repairs, anything that compromises your home’s structural integrity or causes a leak more likely may need an emergency repair.

What Constitutes a Roofing Emergency?

If your attic or home interior is exposed to the weather because of a roof issue, this would constitute an emergency. If the physical or water damage is structural in nature, the issue should be addressed immediately.

When a storm is still ongoing, a leak could cause severe damage depending on where it’s located. For instance, the leak could be located nearby your fuse box. If you’re unsure if you require emergency services, give Landmark Roofing a call so that our professionals can assess the problem.

Types of Damages that May Cause a Roofing Emergency

You may be able to determine that a roofer should be called immediately based on the type of damage or leak that has occurred. Let’s say that there’s a large hole in your roof because of a pest or animal infestation. This scenario calls for emergency roof repair services.

You should also investigate these services if your roof has been neglected for a lengthy period. If roofs aren’t inspected and maintained on an annual basis, serious leaks might eventually develop around the flashing and valleys of your roof.

Even though asphalt shingle roofs are designed with fire resistance in mind, they can still sustain damage by being exposed to extreme heat and flames. Once a fire occurs, emergency repairs will likely be needed for several areas of your home. When you request emergency roof repair services, your shingles, roof trusses, and underlayment can be replaced.

If a tree has recently fallen, it could be a substantial risk to your roof and its structural integrity. Some of the additional problems that require emergency roof repairs include:

  • Lightning strikes
  • High winds
  • Structural collapse
  • Excess mold growth
  • Ice dams
  • Severely clogged gutters

Roof Issues That Aren’t an Emergency

Not every roof issue is considered an emergency. Here are some problems that usually don’t require emergency services:

  • Missing shingles
  • Minor skylight leaks
  • Roof vent clogs
  • Slight condensation in the attic
  • Hail damage
  • Minor gap in flashing

Even though these roofing problems don’t require emergency services, they should still be tended to before too long. All these issues worsen over time.

How to React When a Roofing Emergency Occurs

When you first find that water is getting into your roof, you may feel overwhelmed. However, there are several things you can do to prepare for our emergency roof repair services. First, assess how dangerous the issue is. If you believe that your roof is getting ready to collapse, you and your family may need to get out of the home until we arrive. If a tree has fallen and damaged nearby power lines, your utility company should be contacted immediately. Make sure that you stay away from the lines.

In the event of an emergency, don’t attempt to make the necessary repairs on your own. Doing so could cause you to lose your insurance coverage. Even the smallest of things could cause further damage to your roof. If, for instance, you attempt to place a tarp over your leaking roof, you could fall when trying to climb onto the roof. There are numerous risks that should be avoided. The one thing you can do is try to identify the source of a leak from the ground.

You should then get in touch with our professional roofers. We offer 24/7 emergency roof repair services that can address any type of damage. While you’re waiting for us to arrive, consider limiting the amount of damage that’s done to your home’s interior. You can collect water with buckets, move your possessions out of the way of water, and turn on a dehumidifier.

At some point, you should speak with your insurance provider to begin the claims process. We’ll document any damage that has occurred, which you can reference when completing the claims process. If the damage is severe, your roof may need to be replaced entirely. We can give you an estimate of how much a roof replacement will cost.

How Roofers Respond During an Emergency

When you get in touch with our roofing company for emergency roof repair services, you should have some idea of what this process will entail and the steps that will be taken to keep your roof protected.

When roofers first arrive at your home, they will perform a comprehensive examination to determine if your roof has been damaged. If there are any leaks, the wood underneath the main roofing material may need to be replaced.

This assessment involves identifying how much work needs to be done to restore your roof to its original condition. It’s possible that only minor repairs will be needed. However, there are also times when a complete roof replacement is required. There are typically signs that a roof replacement is needed, which you can discuss with our professionals when they arrive.

Depending on the extent of the damage, it’s possible that a temporary roof patch will need to be put in place. This patch can be a tarp that’s placed over the affected areas on your roof, which ensures that we have more time to provide the necessary repairs without needing to worry about more rain or water getting into your home. The actual repairs will occur on a day that doesn’t call for any rain.

A written quote will then be provided that tells you everything that will need to be done to repair the damage and restore your roof. If you end up filing an insurance claim, our roofing repair company can provide you with documentation and photos that support your claim.

Once all the preliminary work has been done, you can schedule repairs. If a major storm has just passed through the area, it could be a couple of weeks before your roof is repaired. The tarp that was placed on your roof should prevent any further damage until repairs have been made. If you find that your roof’s condition worsens or the tarp comes loose, contact us immediately.

Contact the Pros

When your roof has been seriously damaged, request our emergency roof repair services. Here at Landmark Roofing, we offer extensive roofing services for homeowners in Hickory, NC. Even if you don’t require emergency repair services, our team offers roof inspection and maintenance services to make sure that any issue is caught early. If we locate a leak in your roof, we can perform repairs immediately. Our roofing services are available for all roof types, which include flat, asphalt shingle, wood shake, and metal roofs. If your roof requires replacement, we can perform the replacement to meet your expectations. Complete gutter and skylight installation services are also available. Call Landmark Roofing today to schedule our roofing services.

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